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The Paintless Dent Repair Testimonials


“I have had the privilege to work with Mark onsite at my KhS Global Hail repair site in Red Deer, Alberta for 3 months and definitely advocate using his services. He has a higher level of professionalism and ethics in this industry which is rare. He takes the time to glass each panel fixing one dent at a time to perfection. He is not concerned with time to repair only that his name stands behind the work completed.

Thanks for working with me Mark you are a class act sir.”

Terrance Holowaty
Canadian Operations Manager
KhS Global Hail Repair – Canada

Satisfied Global Hail Repair Company

KhS Global Hail Repair Experts





“I am writing this to express the wonderful work that you did for us in this years Ottawa hail storm. Mark, thank you so much for helping us this year. National Storm Solutions was grateful for the quick and quality work that you did in a heavy storm like this. Great technicians can be hard to come by and that is why we were so pleased to work with you. Thanks again, Jesse.”

Jesse Hallaran

Satisfied National Hail Repair Company
National Storm Solutions

Paintless Dent Repair




“Having never used this type of service before, I was first impressed with all the testimonies people were willing to post.
After using his services, I understand why they and I are doing this. Great work Mark. Your attention to detail and workmanship are seldom seen today. My car looks new again!
I have and will recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for your help!”

Brian Lear

Satisfied Retail Customer

Winnipeg, Manitoba


cfb-shilo-hail repair

“I just had (20) vehicles repaired at Inland (hail damaged). With undue haste nor delay Mark took on the challenge of repairing (all 20) vehicles in about four months. All vehicles were repaired to the highest standard and never had any issues at all. Thanks for all the hard work.”

MCpl B. A. (Ben) Berkowski

Contracts NCO
CFB Shilo
Department of National Defense

Shilo, Manitoba



“I lived in Winnipeg Manitoba for 17 years and moved to Ontario 13 years ago. While a resident of Winnipeg I used paint-less dent removal services regularly. As a result of an extended family visit I decided to have my BLACK Cadillac detailed and have some hail damage repaired while in town. AFTER reading all the excellent testimonials on Marks website I decided to go with him as opposed to the competitor, and I am SO happy I did. Mark was so personable, professional and talented. I have a BLACK 2005 STS that had so many dents I couldn’t see them all until they were pointed out. There was a particularly bad pair of dents behind the passenger door…that Mark said he PROBABLY couldn’t repair (due to proximity and no way to get at them.) When I returned to pick up the car..they were not only fixed, but any hint that there was previous damage (as every dent on the black finish) was totally undetectable. Mark is a total pro, and fussier than even myself (which I would have thought previously impossible!) I am very particular about my vehicles, and the Cadillac’s black finish leaves no room for error. I couldn’t be happier. I will, upon future visits arrange for Mark to do door ding removal any other dents that may occur on my cars. Strongly recommend his service…VERY Reasonably priced, very accommodating and very skilled professional. Can’t thank him enough…”

Patrick Pipoli

Satisfied Retail Customer

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario



“I can’t believe how amazing our Mini looks post hail damage repair by Mark. He not only did an amazing job on the exterior repairs, he also washed, waxed and cleaned the interior. It looks better then when we first bought it. And then he also delivered it to our door. You just don’t get service like this ANYWHERE any more! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou Mark!”

Terry and Michael Pratt

Satisfied Retail Customers

Winnipeg, MB



“Unbelievable workmanship and customer service. I’m so glad that I did not go the paint route and found you to fix all of the hail damage instead. It’s hard to believe that there actually was any damage to begin with. Also Thank you for doing such an amazing cleaning job of the inside and out.”

Teresa Pratt (Terry)

Satisfied Retail Customer

Winnipeg, MB



“Extremely pleased with the work Mark completed on my (1998) Camaro. PDR is an art and his attention to detail is excellent. I will return as needed in the future and recommend his service.”

Lee Heinrichs

Satisfied Retail Customer

Winnipeg, MB



“I picked up a dent near the edge of my roof (2006 Mazda RX8) that I thought wouldn’t be possible to fix outside a bodyshop – but Inland Sea was up to the challenge. I know that ‘fast friendly service’ is a cliche, but in this case it was absolutely true. Thanks for a beautiful job.”

Tom Lewicki

Satisfied Retail Customer

Winnipeg, MB



“My prized sports car got royally smacked by hail, despite my wife & I running out to cover it with blankets. The damage ranged from marble-sized pock marks to baseball-sized craters. It made me sick to look at it.

It was important to me NOT to have body-filler & non-factory paint applied to my “baby”.

Paintless Hail Repair honda-S2000

Mark came to my home & assessed the probability of a successful PDR job. He told me that some of the big dents were worrisome, but he was confident that he could repair them. He said he’d start with the worst ones first & if the repair didn’t meet his & my standards, he’d return the vehicle with no charges applied.

He’d had the car about a day & a half when he phoned to say it was done! Him and his wife even delivered it to a social function I was at so that I could have it in time for an outing I’d planned for the next day. AMAZING SERVICE!

The result was almost unbelievably beautiful. Because he’d repaired a couple of pre-hail dents, the car actually looked BETTER than it did before the damage.

This is an example of craftsmanship and service that you just don’t find much of anymore.

Thank-you, Mark at Inland Sea, Thank-you!”

Brad Friesen

Satisfied Retail Customer (MPIC Hail Claim)

Winnipeg, MB



“Our car (Infiniti) had 144 dents after a hail storm in 2009. Mark fixed all the dents at a very reasonable price. PDR is an unique technique and Mark is a unique artist. Thank you.”

Sandra Pang

Satisfied Retail Customer (MPIC Hail Claim)

Winnipeg, MB



“I have used Mark from Inland Sea for several years and I am always impressed with the quality of work that he does. Having a fleet of newer domestic and foreign vehicles from compacts up to large suv’s, he can repair them all. I have seen some heavy hail damaged cars that when he is done you can not see any signs of repairs at all. Mark does exceptional work and takes great pride in the quality of the finished product. I would recommend Inland Sea for any of your paintless dent removal.”

Dennis Hagen

Maintenance & Damage Manager

Avis Budget Car Rental

Winnipeg, MB


“After a hail storm in 2009 my truck had over 150 dents in the roof, hood and side. Some of the hail was the size of a softball! In less than 48 hours of receiving my vehicle, Mark had removed every dent on my truck and made it look like new again. He is very meticulous. There is absolutely no way anyone would know this vehicle was ever in a hail storm. Highly recommended long time professional in the business, and best of all, no paint work!”

Steve Kotz

Satisfied Retail Customer (MPIC Hail Claim)

La Salle, MB

“We have used Mark for several years. He provides quality work at a reasonable price. Our customers are very demanding and Mark gets the job done.”

Bert Hamerla

Fleet Manager

Winnipeg Dodge Jeep

Pointe West Auto Park

Winnipeg, MB


“Orion has been using the services of Inland Sea for several years now. We are completely satisfied with their work and prices. We would recommend Inland Sea to anyone who wants great work at more than reasonable costs. Mark Sahan takes pride in the services he provides and this shows in the end results of all the vehicles he has worked on for us.

Justin Ling

Sales Manager

Orion Chev

Winnipeg, MB

A note from Mark Sahan: Justin sadly passed away a while back. I just wanted to extend my sympathies to all his loved ones. Justin was always a pleasure to do work for. He always stood out to me as one of the ‘nice” guys in the industry. He is certainly missed.

“Paintless Dent Repair is an excellent alternative to repair damage to any vehicle. The work Mark Sahan performed on my cars was outstanding. Truly a time and cost saving repair technique that should be investigated before using traditional body shop services.”

Kent Cielen

Satisfied Retail Customer

Winnipeg, MB

“In August 2006 I went on a business trip to Sioux Lookout, Ontario. On my return, while travelling through a heavily forested area, a deer ran out of the woods, and before I had a chance to see it, ran into the right passenger door of my 2003 Intrepid sedan. The impact left the door badly dented.

A friend of mine recommended your services to me. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of workmanship! You’d never know the door had been dented …. and I consider your price also to be very reasonable.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone with a dented vehicle. Thank you for your excellent and quick response to my needs.”

Jim Lennox

Satisfied Retail Customer

Winnipeg, MB

“My vehicle suffered over 200 dents in a hail storm in 2007. I had not heard of PDR, my MPI adjuster did not mention this technique and I almost made the mistake of getting my vehicle puttied and repainted at a body shop.

Luckily a friend of mine had heard of PDR so I did some internet research and Googled “paintless dent repair winnipeg”. Up came Mark’s site and am I happy it did.

Some of the friendliest and most respectable customer service I’ve seen. First Autopac repair I actually enjoyed getting done. Mark is a highly skilled artist at his trade and is devoted to having satisfied customers. My vehicle looks like it never saw a hail storm and I still have my factory finish and my vehicle’s top value intact. Thanks again Mark for the amazing hail repair!”

Jay Taylor

Satisfied Retail Customer

Winnipeg, MB

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